Seeking actors for a commercial shooting March 18th and 19th in Philadelphia.

A well known liquor brand is teaming up with a popular amplifier brand to promote a giveaway!
The commercial will promote a limited run product being given away in a totally rock’n’roll fashion, akin to 80’s MTV shows.

Male, 30-50
Badass demeanor, guarding the limited run product. They tear away their bodyguard outfits to reveal a leather rock’n’roll getup in the style of Mötley Crüe. They quickly get the party started as people rush the scene.

Male 30-50
They are seen working among beakers and science lab gear, doing intense research. A voice over lets the viewer know what they are trying to harness… that being the raw power of rock’n’roll!

Old Lady
She is seem among a group of young kids, all rushing to use the giveaway’s hashtag on their smartphones. She tries to fit in, dialing a rotary phone… *Sigh* “Kids these days”