Welcome and please join our photoshoot for following months in the Greater Philadelphia Area . This is a volunteer position, and you will have to do your own makeup due to following CDC guidelines of 6 feet distance. The glasses will be provided and will have no subscription.

Please provide us a photo of yourself, your contact information, and your social media accounts if you want your photos to be advertised on social media. You will have to sign a consent form.

You must be 18 or older for this opportunity. All people of different races, cultures, and religions are welcomed to our facility. If you are selected to join our photoshoot you will be provided the address of the photoshoot and we would discuss the times to book your appointment.
compensation: Trade-for agreement. You will receive copies of finished videos and BTS photos (production stills) to share on your own social media as well as 10 modeling shots, professionally retouched. Promotion across our social media accts.

Reply with your demo reel, (if applicable) headshot, stats and contact info for immediate consideration