PRODUCTION COMPANY: Big Picture Alliance

DIRECTOR: Nasya Jenkins

PRODUCER: Nasya Jenkins & Tyrece Powell

PRODUCTION DESCRIPTION (log line / synopsis): A young romantic is stood up on a date only to find love in an unlikely place


PAY: $150 Day Rate

PRODUCTION DATES/TIMES: Friday (April 15, 2022) & Saturday (April 16, 2022)



Mario Moretti / Michael Albright / 25-31 / Afro – Italian, brown skin, loose curly hair
Mario Moretti is 5’9” with medium brown skin and visibly brown eyes. His hair is in short loose curls finished in a faded haircut. He has a sleeve of tattoos covering his right arm and his ears are gauged to 12.7mm. He carries himself well and has a small obsession with fine fashion due to shrouding himself in black 80% of the time due to his position in their family restaurant. (Actor Playing 2 Characters – Same personality)

Non-Union / $150 Day rate / 2 of shoot days

Noelle Jones / Naomi McClaren / 25-30 / African American, deep brown skin, coily – kinky hair
Noelle is a 5’3” African-American Woman with noticeably brown shoulder-length hair. Her fashion sense is very bright and expressive. She often wears skirts and dresses. She likes dainty jewelry and finishes every outfit with a stylish yet comfortable shoe. Noelle has no tattoos but has several piercings; a septum, an industrial bar in her right ear, and a belly button piercing. (Actor Playing 2 Characters – Same personality)

Non-Union / $150 Day rate / 2 of shoot days

Lita Moretti / 28 – 33 / Afro – Italian , Pressed natural hair, brown skin
Lita is a 5’7” Afro – Italian American; loose curly hair, tanned skin. Lita has a power-packed attitude, a queer woman with enough jokes to sell out arenas. Under her tough exterior, she has a heart of gold. Lita values order, family, and fairness. While she is not a fan of tattoos, Lita has an intricate collection of ear piercings.

Non-Union / $150 Day rate / 1 of shoot days

Troy Moretti / 30-35 / Afro-Italian, short cut hair, brown skin
Troy Moretti is a 6 foot tall Afro – Italian Ex F-Boy turned husband. He carries the family genes of crude humor and charm. This father of one cares deeply for his family and wants to see everyone doing well and being happy. He shows this love in very questionable ways but the intention remains pure. Troy has a deep appreciation for the art of tattooing and has the art to

Non-Union / $150 Day rate / 1 of shoot days

– Pre-shoot testing
– Self-reporting (using this survey)
– Mandatory full vaccination (2 shots)
– Mandatory mask-wearing (at all times when not on camera)
– Observe & Enforce BPA COVID production protocol
(BPA will provide masks, sanitizer, and home Covid tests.)