Hello everyone. I’m looking to fill these roles for my short film titled indemnification. You can send over a self audition tape with a monologue of your choice. I would advise you to use a monologue that fits these characters personalities. You can submit these self audition tapes to wdeven18@icloud.com and j.k.productionvideo@gmail.com

P.j- Peter is the first born of his brothers. He’s very responsible and would do anything for his brothers. He’s one of the more witty and rational brothers. P.J can be described as a Caucasian male mid 20’s-mid 30’s.

Nino- The middle child. He takes his mother death the hardest. Both nino and Shaun share the same mother. Nino is impulsive and quick to put the bone on someone else. Nino can be described as a mixed race or Caucasian 24-29 year old.

Peter-The father of the three brothers. Very protective over his children. He’s lost due to losing his wife. Peter can be described as a Caucasian or black 40-50 year old man.

Mary-The daughter of Officer Bryce. Mary is vengeful, stubborn, and bold.

Detective Chad- One of Bryce’s long time friends.

Detective Adam- Officer Bryce’s other long lost friend.

Officer Bryce- The police officer responsible for the death of peter’s wife.

Any questions feel free to email wdeven18@icloud.com

This is volunteer but food and imbd credit will be provided