Us and the Moon- LGBTQ+ Student Film


After a college student unexpectedly reunites with a High School lover, the unresolved turmoil from her past resurfaces and confronts her all at once.

This is a student film being produced through Temple University. We will be shooting on and around campus.

Jia (19, Female): A tired college student with a haunted past.
Eve (20, Female): Jia’s ex-friend/ lover. Lead drummer for a band. Alt/Emo vibe wanted. Drumming experience would be nice, but not required.

Side Characters:
Gunk (23): Shaggy-looking. Part of Jia’s band. Stoner-type.
Doug (18): Teen with the face of a child; has some patchy facial hair. Part of Jia’s band.
For both Doug and Gunk, music/instrument experience would be nice, but not required.
Brandon: Jia’s ex-boyfriend who has left her with scars. No lines.

Shooting weekends in April- We will schedule specific weekends based on the cast/crew’s schedule.