To Whom It May Concern is a film about a misanthrope who tries to reacquaint himself with his old friends, but quickly remembers why he stopped acquainting with them in the first place.

We are casting for multiple roles. The payment for each role will be stipend, but will vary based on importance of character, acting skill, and experience.

Shoots begin March 26 in Manayunk and southern New Jersey areas.
Auditions: Mar 12, 2022, Mar 13, 2022 in Philadelphia, PA

The roles we are currently casting for are as follows:


The protagonist of the story. Ben is at a point in his life where he is getting older, and seeing his friends slowly dissipate. He’s starting to feel older and more isolated from people. He gets the idea to have a party, and invite all of his old friends in an attempt to reacquaint themselves. However, as guests start to arrive at the party, they start to become more trouble then they are worth and Ben is reminded why he became a misanthrope in the first place.

Personality traits: Short fused, pessimistic, friendly.


Ryan is Ben’s roommate who prefers their isolated existence. She is content with a couch potato lifestyle and hopes to prove to Ben that they are better off without their old friends.

Personality Traits: Mild mannered. Apathetic, standoffish


Nico is an old friend of Ben. Nico notices that Ben has been becoming more distant as the years have gone on, and looks to prove that he can still be a valuable friend. Nico always keeps other best interests in mind, but doesn’t always have the attention span to notice when someone needs help.

Personality traits: Chill, Optimistic, Oblivious


Timmy is the youngest of Ben’s friends and comes to his party hoping for a chance to see Becky there. The girl he always had a crush on, but could never be anything more than a friend to. He is a shy character and is usually too timid to go after what he wants unless prompted by others.

Personality traits: Innocent, timid, awkward


Jordan is Ben’s ex-girlfriend who loves to stir the pot. She sees Ben’s party as a chance to have fun and cause trouble. She is considered very attractive by most and she knows it, and uses it to her advantage. She sees Timmy’s timidness attractive and tries to get with him over the course of the movie.

Personality traits: Quick Witted, Confident, Mischievous


Patrick is a character who puts no thoughts into his actions. He follows his first impulse under every circumstance. Accompanying this with his love of alcohol and women leads Patrick always finds himself in troubling circumstances.

Personality Traits: Impulsive, Debaucherous, Dumb


Becky is quite literally Patrick’s better half. She is smart, practical and usually has others’ better interests in mind. People often ask her why she stays with Patrick. A question she is tired of answering, and just wants to be able to be with her boyfriend without the interference of others.

Personality Traits: Patient, Intelligent, Caring