My team and I are currently seeking trained and experienced non-union actors for a short romance/ comedy film. The film will be shot at multiple indoor and outdoor locations in Center City Philadelphia and surrounding areas with production set to begin at the end of the summer/ beginning of autumn (shoot dates TBD).

Current available roles include:

Lucas (starring) – A famous local Stand Up Comedian (Mid to late 30’s) who is considered by many to be the next big name in comedy. After an unfortunate chain of events in his personal life, including a recent break up with his fiance, he puts his career on hold and secretly wallows in self pity as he avoids contact from friends and family.

Karen (lead) – A talented Home Cook (late 20’s to mid 30’s) that dreams of one day sharing her culinary skills with the world. Constantly battling emotions of insecurity as a result of working dead end jobs while having no luck with men, she struggles to find the courage to pursue that dream as she has all the tools/resources to do so.

Michelle (supporting) – A care free/ charismatic Waitress (late 20’s to mid 30’s) who is Karen’s oldest childhood friend.

Larry – (supporting) – A charismatic/ self employed Talent Scout (early to mid 40’s) who is the older brother of Lucas. Always excited and cracking cheesy jokes, he constantly tries to encourage his little brother to get back on stage and be the star that he feels he was meant to be.

Nicole – (supporting) – A strong willed Maitre d’ by night (early to mid 30’s) and the ex fiance of Lucas. Emotionally unstable and aggressive as a result of Lucas’s depressive state of mind, she impulsively ends their relationship as she fears that their situation will only get worse.

Since this is a low budget film short, we will only be accepting online auditions for consideration, and all actors will be responsible for their own hair, make up and wardrobe. Compensation includes reasonable daily pay (maximum 6 hours per day), meals on set and name credit (no reel footage). If interested, please send a copy of your Headshot, Resume and at least one Video Monologue to

*Additional information regarding pay and anything production related will be given ONLY to selected applicants!