Kayla is a petite, white suburban woman in her early-to-mid-thirties. She and her husband have been trying to have a baby which has been proving difficult. Both Kayla and her husband are positive, optimistic people. When Kayla experiences a miscarriage, she begins to lose some of her positive energy and becomes slightly bitter, envious, and heartbroken over her circumstances.

Kayla’s husband is between 28-37ish. Suburban, clean white male.

Pay rate is $125 per day – likely one day of shooting (8-10 hours). Filming will likely be in late spring in counties surrounding PHiladelphia area (Delaware, Montgomery or Bucks County).

About How to be Human: This film follows the trials and tribulations of six different characters from various stages of their lives. It’s a raw visual representation of the different pains each of us feel yet persevere through. This story takes the audience through the nostalgia of young love and heartbreak, a tumultuous and toxic yet passionate relationship, caring for a sick loved one, losing friends due to old age, miscarrying a child, and harboring the courage to leave an unfulfilling marriage. It’s a reminder that everyone has a story and has overcome some kind of mental, physical or emotional pain which connects all of us and teaches us how to be human.