Virtually Perfect: A modern-day rom-com that showcases the reality of online dating, the good, the bad, and the ugly.


ANDREA DAVIS: 25-year old, POC, protagonist, digital Marketer, optimistic, caring, hopeless romantic, resilient

JESSE MILLER: 27-year old, architect, antagonist, any ethnicity, charming, sly, mysterious, plays the nice guy role, actually has a good heart but kind of sucks sometimes (big libra), indecisive as hell


SAM: 25-year-old law student, a childhood friend of Andrea, oblivious, neglectful friend, supportive, pro-love

EVELYN: a 24-year old, Childhood friend of Andrea, freelance graphic designer, supportive level-headed friend, motherly, perceptive

MICHELLE: 26-year old, College Roommate of Andrea, bisexual, any ethnicity, elementary school teacher but teaches yoga on the weekends, the no bull-shit friend, passionate, kinda, very hardheaded, stubborn, only wants the best for the people she cares about. Right intentions doesn’t execute them in the clearest way, funny, witty, cool style.

BIANCA: 26-year old, Jesse’s fiance, casting agent for a modeling agency, really smart, beautiful, really kind, accepting

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