Candid: A young photographer accidentally uncovers a sinister secret after her friend goes missing setting off a chain
of sinister events. Mystery thriller. Narrative short.

Lead Roles:
– CHARLOTTE (CHAR): female, 20-25 years, full-time freelance photographer, any ethnicity, driven, curious,
logical, methodical, anxious, distant but loves her friends, best friends with Molly

Supporting Roles:
– MOLLY: female, 20-25 years, psychology college student, doesn’t take things seriously, brash, reliable, genuine, not great foresight, best friends with Char
– DONAVAN: male, 20-25 years, business college student, any ethnicity, lacking meaning/direction in life, optimistic, caring for his sister, pushover, rich, Kit’s brother
– KIT: female, 20-25 years, business college student, any ethnicity, rich, spoiled, no work ethic, disillusioned,
everything comes easy to her, rude, cunning, secretive, Donavan’s sister

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