Bradford High was a fun, wild and loving high school until tragedy hits ! One student’s sudden disappearance turns the whole school upside down. Will her friends solve this missing person case before detectives or will detectives solve this case on their own ?

Join the cast of Bradford High today ! We’re looking for new up and coming and seasoned actors.


Hazel Edwards : Sweet, soft spoken and very beautiful Hazel Edwards (16). Hazel is ¼ of her close friend group, very smart and not to mention she has very pretty eyes. She stays in her books due to her wanting to go away very far for college to escape her very strict parents.

Terrence Kooper Jr. (T.J.) : Terrence (16) comes from a very wealthy family, he’s very tall, great at everything. He’s been playing basketball all his life which is why he’s got the number 1 spot as captain on Bradford Highs basketball team. Even though he’s very wild and outspoken he’s very mature. But DO NOT ! Call him by his name he goes by T.J. for some odd reasons he’s never shared with his friends, even his best friend Lucas.

Lucas : Hot headed, cocky and wild yup that’s Lucas (16) Lucas is everyone’s favorite hot headed latino friend, he’s a raye of sunshine and brightens up every room but you do not want to see him when he’s mad. He’s on Bradford’s football team and also he’s best friends with T.J. But Lucas has a very big secret that could eventually cost him his friendships and his life.

Trey : Very handsome, perfect teeth, hair and clothes. Trey’s (16) life has not always been easy but he’s always making a way. Anything illegal and there’s money involved Trey does it. He likes the attention he gets from girls, he can’t resist the temptation which causes him to always mess up his friendship/relationship with the one girl he actually likes, Tamia.

Zion : Everyone’s wild, crazy, loud is her. Zion (16) is ¼ of her friend group but she’s the craziest of them all. Zions is the life of the party and sometimes makes bad mistakes but she means well. Zion has a big secret that’ll rock the school.

Ms. Debra : We are looking for a woman in her late 20’s to play the part of the FBI agent.

Mr. Thomas : We are looking for a man in his 30 or late 20’s to play the part of the school teacher.


Kahree : (16) Kahree is in a gang and very close friends with Trey. He plays a major roll in some of Bradford High’s crazy events that’ll take place.

Eric : (16) Eric is friends with mostly everyone in school and loves sports. He’s on the basketball team.

Kevin : (16) The most up front friend you’ll ever meet but you have to love him for that. He’s also the quarterback on the football team and he has very big muscles.