I am looking to fill the remaining three roles for my upcoming feature film, BACKSTAGE.

My previous work:
Ramesses trailer:
Monster trailer:

This film focuses on the backstage life of community theater. It will highlight the behind the scenes chaos and shenanigans that occur as this fictional theater prepares to put on their show. It’s an ensemble cast that will be a comedy/drama.

I am looking for NON-UNION actors. Actors will be given a small stipend for their involvement. LOCAL HIRE ONLY. Travel and housing will NOT be covered. Filming will be in the Northern Delaware area.

What am I looking for?
Anna: FEMALE. (NON-WHITE) AFRICAN AMERICAN / INDIAN / ASIAN / MEXICAN / ETC. AGE 25-35. The director of the stage production. She is the leader. Strong. Confident. Sassy. Intelligent. She has strong values and opinions for her production and won’t stop until her vision becomes reality.
Frank: MALE. ANY ETHNICITY. AGE 40 – 60. One of the co-stars of the production. He is a veteran to the stage, but has vastly been overlooked. He is increasingly angry at his co-star, Robert, who is an inexperienced actor, but has a bigger role than him.
Francine: FEMALE. ANY ETHNICITY. Age 35 – 60. She is the hardworking costumer and actress in the production. She is strong-willed and determined to get what she needs done. She is idolized amongst her fellow actors, and is often considered “second in command” of the production.

When will shooting begin?
We hope to shoot in June 2022. Meetings, rehearsals, and table reads will occur in the months/weeks, leading up to filming.

Availability MUST BE FLEXIBLE. If you have a job that requires you to only film on the weekends – this is NOT the gig for you.

All interested parties please send Headshot/Resume AND an acting reel showcasing your work. I need to see what you can do! If you do not send footage of your previous work, you will NOT be considered. Please send to the director, Kevin Austra at Please e-mail what role(s) you are interested in as well.

If interested, I will follow up with you on how to proceed. Thank you for submitting!