This is a Casting Call for “A Sleep Experiment”

(Experimental/thriller/horror; approx. 5 minutes)


Jim is participating in a research experiment on the effects of sleep deprivation, and has not slept in 15 days. Being stuck in a single room with only a metal chair and intercom, he wrestles with a voice on the intercom as well as with his own auditory and visual hallucinations.

This is a casting call for:

Supporting role:

WOMAN (30-65): This role is for an older woman, portraying the mother of the lead character. This role is primarily visual with minimal lines, but is crucial to the film. Preferably, we’re looking for an actor that can produce a haunting, dead stare. Eyes are important. It is suggested that you reply with the most evil looking face/headshot you can!

The shoot will take place 1-2 days in August, specific dates to come very soon.
It will take place on the Drexel University campus.

Food will be provided and transportation costs will be compensated for (if necessary)

Contact Alex at for any questions!