Lou: Casting a 20-25 year-old male; comedic short. Straight-edge, Lou is proof that the apple can fall far from the tree. Lou’s introverted, meek persona clashes with his parents’ psychedelic-infused impulsiveness, leading him into constant emotional conflict with the two aging bohemians. To complicate matters more, Lou has just started dating Chelsea, the daughter of his university’s pastor, and has decided to introduce his paramour to the two people in the world that are least likely to be seen in church on Sunday.
Shooting in Philadelphia August 2 and 3. Meals and snacks will be provided.

Sid: Casting a 50-60 year-old male; comedic short. For Sid and his wife, Debbie, the 1970s began and have yet to meet their end. “Sober” has failed to enter Sid’s vocabulary, and anyone who suggests he might be is currently dead to him. As a painter, Sid has garnered a following amongst practitioners, curators, and patrons, who have all unwittingly inflated the man’s ego so much, it’s pushed Sid’s son, Lou, right out of orbit. The two have a strained relationship, and while Sid would rather they bury the hatchet, Lou’s rigidity and stubbornness has left them in an intrapersonal deadlock. When Lou introduces his new girlfriend to Sid and Debbie, Sid’s condescending attitude threatens to further distance his son. Shooting in Philadelphia August 2 and 3. Meals and snacks will be provided.

Debbie: Casting a 50-60 year-old woman; comedic short. Debbie is the walking-talking physical embodiment of the phrase, “Make love, not war.” She and her husband, Sid, have spent married life rejecting norms and altering their state of mind – typically through the help of psychedelics, but also through art, meditation and her various endeavours in witchcraft and astrology. Their son, Lou, disapproves of their constant “rejection of reality,” and while tensions between him and Sid run high, Lou has always had a soft spot for Mom. Debbie wants the best for Lou, and understands that he’s just wired differently than herself and Sid. Unexpectedly, Lou decides to introduce Debbie and Sid to his new girlfriend, Chelsea (a pastor’s daughter). Debbie tries her best to best to keep her and Sid’s eccentricity in check, but her poker face is – in her own words – “ineffably bad.” Shooting in Philadelphia August 2 and 3. Meals and snacks will be provided.