NEW CASTING! Must be available in Philadelphia. This is a non-paying job.
Please SEND ALL RESUMES AND HEADSHOTS to casting@soundsightllc.com for sides and details.
To get involved with production or post-production crew email info@soundsightllc.com – Serious Inquires Only.

“VISITOR” is a horror short film of four college friends taking a road trip who are caught in the middle of a national emergency. They don’t realize as one of their friends is affected by a virus that was brought by an unknown, and an unwanted visitor.

JACK – Male, Black. 20-30. Wild, Loud and Funny. Will have to have makeup applied.

AMBER – Female, White. 20-30. Ben’s Girlfriend. Amateur Photographer. Practical.

DEVON – Female, Ethnically Ambiguous. 20-30. Jacks Girlfriend. Scared and Sensitive.

BEN – Male, White. 20-30. Type A Personality, Planner, Leader

RADIO ANNOUNCER – Male, White. All Ages.

NEWS REPORTER – Female, White, 25-50.

LEAD INFECTED HUMAN – Male, White. 25-40.Will have to have makeup applied.

(5) INFECTED HUMANS – All Genders, All Ethnicities. All Ages. Will have to have makeup applied.

CASHIER – Male, All Ethnicities. 25-30

CASHIER 2 – Female, All Ethnicities. 18-40

CASHIER 3 – Male, All Ethnicities. 35-45


GROCERY STORE PERSON 1 – Male, White. 35-60.

GROCERY STORE PERSON 2 – Female, White. 20-40.

THUG 1 – Male, Black. 20-35.

THUG 2 -Male, Black. 20-35.