“LZ” (Landing Zone)

NEW CASTING!Must be available in Philadelphia. This is a non-paying job.
Please send ALL RESUMES AND HEADSHOTS to casting@soundsightllc.com for sides and details.
To get involved with production or post-production crew email info@soundsightllc.com – Serious Inquires Only.

“LZ” (Landing Zone) is a thriller about an American doctor, Dr. Abuela who is sent to the front line of a war conflict between a falling government and rebels. The doctor is given specific instructions to stay away from the fighting, but the doctor cannot stay away, she must help anyway she can and is captured. The American Government sends in one lone operative to rescue the doctor. Once the alarm is tripped they have only 24 hours to reach the Landing Zone for evacuation.

DR. ABUELA – Female, 25-35. European, White American, Mexican, South American, Ethnically Ambiguous. A fighter, hopeful for the future, witty, energetic, someone with a big heart who is very compassionate. Must be ready to learn fight choreography and have some experience using prop guns and weapons.

ANNA – Female, 25-35. All Ethnicities. The head nurse that oversees all of Dr. Abuela’s patients and helps out where she is needed. They both are friends from NYC where they are both from.

JOE – Male, 50-65. White. An older fighter who was injured and who needs aid.

(2) NURSES – Female, 20-30. All Ethnicities. Nurses that help with all of the sick and injured patients.

REBEL GENERAL – Male, 50-65. White. A controlling, powerful man, angry and hungry for leverage in the war.

REBEL LIEUTENANT – Male, 35-45. White. A simple man with big ambition. He does what he is told and is scared of the General. Must be ready to learn fight choreography and have experience using prop guns and weapons.

8 REBEL SOLDIERS – Male, 20-40. White. Must be athletic, Must be ready to learn fight choreography and have experience using prop guns and weapons.

NEWS REPORTER – Female, 25-35. Black. A national news reporter, similar to new reporters today. The style, tone and delivery anchors speak like today.

US GENERAL – Male, 60-75. White. Stern, demanding and discreet.

US SENATOR – Male, 60-75. White. Problem solving oriented, rational, logical and reasonable.

COMMAND POST V.O. – Female, 20-40. All Ethnicities. High Energy.