“Semi-Renegade” is the story of a struggling young man named Eddie who is hired as a hitman and finally has the chance to have a future, but at the cost of being an inhumane killer. The film follows him as he struggles to determine if the opportunity to have it made at long last is worth the cost. This film will be entered into several film festivals including Sundance, SXSW, the Toronto Film Festival, and many more.

Character list:
Eddie (male, any race, ages 18-24)-Our protagonist is an emotional role and a very conflicted man.
Margo (female, any race, ages 18-24)-a close friend of Eddie, Margo is an upbeat role and a bit of a tomboy.
Charles(male, any race, ages 30-45)-a criminal who is the one who hires Eddie to be his hitman. The grittier, the better.
Allie (female, any race ages 30-45)-the wife of Charles who is having an affair with another man. She is the one who has a hit put out on her.
Donnie (male, any race, ages 30-45)-the man Allie is having an affair with. Also has a hit put out on him.
Young Eddie (male, any race, ages 8-12)-Eddie at a younger age who will be shown in a brief flashback.

Send audition tapes to with “Semi-Renegade Audition” as the subject. Send in a tape with TWO sides/monologues with contrasting tones and can be of your choice along with a slate including name, age, height, and role you are audition for. Along with this, send a professional headshot and resume. IMDb links are not required to be sent, but if you have one, I encourage you to include it. Emails with no tape, headshot, and resume will not be considered. Thanks!