Film Synopsis:

Perhaps there is no greater force than love… For Sam Gordon, it is the only thing that keeps him going. Imprisoned like an animal in an abusive mental institution, and tortured regularly by the evil Doctor Volker, the only ray of light in Sam’s life are his sleep induced visions of another reality. One where his life took a different turn, where he met Sophia… His wife, partner, and best friend. Sadly for Sam, that reality doesn’t belong to him. Until now. One ordinary afternoon, a new nurse is assigned to care for Sam. And to his terror and amazement, he recognizes her. That face he’s been seeing in his dreams for so long… Sophia.

Available Roles:

Sophia Griffin – A young, full of life nurse (Age (20 – 30), Sophia Griffin is a top grade medical assistant,
who specializes in care for the mentally ill. She is assigned care for the patient Sam Gordon and perform a case study on him due to the unique nature of his mental state.

Doctor Volker – An evil, abusive Doctor working in an aging mental asylum (Age 40 – 60), Volker is tasked with caring for and perhaps even curing the patients under his watch. Compassion however, is the furthest thing from his mind, as he has long since given up on his patients. His focus has shifted towards Mrs. Sophia Griffin, and the unbecoming feelings he has developed for her…