Student Short Film

Looking to film in early April with a small cast listed below.

The film is about a woman who after the death of her estranged sister returns home. She tries to reconcile the relationship with her niece, whom she’s never met and say goodbye to the sister she never apologized to.

Diane-  mid to late 30s, normally confident and outspoken is unusually timid and quiet going back to her childhood neighborhood after the sudden death of her estranged sister.

Tracy – early 30s to late 50s, sister’s best friend, while friendly and seemingly too forgiving, is on a mission to help Diane patch up the relationships she left behind.

Ronnie – early 20s, Niece who has just inherited a bookstore and a broken relationship with an aunt she’s never even met.

Lynn – early 20s Ronnie’s friend who works at the bookstore and has an overwhelming amount of loyalty to her and her mom.

Short Woman – woman of any age, playing an enthusiastic book-loving customer.

Extras – 2-3 extras of any background to play customers of the bookstore

Auditions will be arranged on zoom and we will be following covid restrictions and guidelines closely.