Online Submissions wanted for upcoming feature “A Series For Us; Sasha”

Please send resume and monologue, along with the character you’re auditioning for to Aseriesforus@gmail.com

Sasha- Early 20’s, creative, extremely sweet- but trusts no one, sad eyes with a beautiful smile, hustler mentality

Krissy- Early 20’s, old soul, passionate- but comes off cold, wants the best for whoever she loves.

Brandy- Early 20’s, silly as hell, laughs at the most inappropriate times, uses humor as a defense mechanism.

Ms.E- Late 40’s early 50’s, tired, angry

Jeanine- Therapist, late 30’s, trendy, reserved, always smiling

Sasha’s Grandma- Late 40’s early 50’s, tired, angry

Pizza guy- Early 20’s, trying to stay away from the streets, “felon”, wants more, doesn’t believe it’s possible

***This is a non-paid/non-union project***

***Participants will receive Food and Film Credit***


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