This production of “Willa” is based upon a short story written by Stephen King and published in 2006.

Reminiscent of an old-fashioned ghost story, the characters find themselves at a stand still after their cross country train derails in Wyoming. We follow David Sanderson as he attempts to find his fiancee, Willa, as quickly as possible before the pick-up train arrives. What David finds in his journey across the wold-infested desert and into a local honky-tonk bar, however, is that Willa is right about him; he never sees what is right in front of his eyes.

The production team needs a strong camera crew to pull this off. We are intending for a 3-5 day shoot in early March. Shooters must supply their own equipment.

Please contact willafilm2020@gmail.com before March 3rd, 2020 with reel.