Agoraphobia introduces us to Mathew Lemm, a man that lives his life in fear and isolation. Everyday occurrences like taking out the trash, or cooking dinner, create paranoia for him. He barely leaves the house, and when he does it results in even stranger occurrences. Random characters show up, and creepy figures surround him even at home. Soon, Mathew starts to put the pieces to the puzzle together. He realizes that past actions committed by others onto him, have made him suppress these memories, and that he may have inflicted similar traumas to others because of his suppression.

Right now, the Agoraphobia team consists of Mike Fresta, writer and star of the film, and Eric Itzi, producer assistant director the film. We are looking to shoot sometime between July of this year and October of this calendar year.

We want to inquire about a director for our feature. We would like to have a different perspective on our project, and put it in the best possible hands at all aspects in the production. We are in the fundraising stages, and we are shooting a short sizzle scene very soon. Some of the cast is already casted by talented actors with lots of experience. This would be paid, and we would love it if someone with experience and the dream of directing a feature would take a look at our script.