Agoraphobia tells the story of Mathew Lemm, a man who lives alone, in a big house, in the middle of nowhere. Daily occurrences are hard for him, from something as easy as taking out the trash to going to the bank or buying groceries. His paranoia gets the best of him, and we soon realize Mathew’s past and the actions of others has traumatized him, and that he has possibly mimicked these actions creating the same amount of harm to others.

Currently we are shooting a sizzle, a small scene to be shot sometime in June, in the Pottstown area of PA, about an hour out of Philadelphia. The characters involved for this day are Mathew, the Driver, and Bess. We are casting for Bess for the sizzle shoot only. We are looking for an Indian actress, preferably in her mid to late twenties, to mid thirties. The other roles are already casted.

We are looking to use this to present to our investment team, and then make our feature. We can offer 50 dollars pay for the day, plus travel cost, but cannot offer lodging if needed. If you are casted we can possibly get you from Philly to Pottstown and back, but that would be it.

Also, if casted for the sizzle shoot, it will not guarantee the role of Bess for the actress in the feature. We can guarantee a role that will be on screen in the feature, as there are both other speaking roles and day player roles.

Thank you so much for your time everyone.
Mike and Eric,
Agoraphobia team