Actors needed for low budget horror feature being filmed in Yardley, PA during late October/early November. Age range from 20s-70’s. Please send headshot (if you have), 1-3 minute monologue or reel, and what role you would like to be considered for. Pay is $50 a day, and food. Come join us. Join Us. JOIN US.

Lynn – 30s – Minor supporting character – comfortable in her own skin and down to earth. She’s the first person who succumbs to the evil.

Jeff – 30s-40s – Minor supporting character – fun-loving and committed to making his wife happy. He is the first victim.

Edgar – 30s – Lead character – Sarcastic, seemingly lazy, and unhappy with his place in the world. As events unfold, he realizes that he’s capable of more and becomes the leader of the surviving group. Ady’s ex-husband.

Ady – 30s – Major supporting character – Driven to succeed. Cares for others but does not want to become a crutch for Edgar. Is in a constant battle with Edgar’s mom. Steps up when the group needs her to.

Dale Tracker – 40s-50s – Minor supporting character – Quirky news anchor. He announces the breaking news to the world regarding the dangers of falling asleep. He gives news updates as the world starts to unravel.

Paul – 30s – 40s – Major supporting character- Physically fit, selfish, arrogant, and power hungry. Married to a Sarah. Expecting their first child.

Sarah – 20s – 30s – Major supporting character- Timid with a positive attitude. She lets her husband dictate circumstances until it becomes time to protect her unborn child.

Mom – 60s – 70s – Major supporting character – Judgmental and well kept. She is not happy unless everyone is unhappy. Lacks empathy for people trapped in a terrible situation. Mother to Edgar, and former mother-in-law to Ady, who she has a poor relationship with. Talks over her family members, and only want what is best for herself. Wife of Dad.

Dad – 60s – 70s – Major supporting character – Mild mannered and very matter of fact. Former psychiatrist, whose career comes in handy when analyzing the situation. Is content to be the softer voice in his marriage.

Uncle Pat – 50s – Major supporting character – Younger brother of Mom. On the heavier side. Lacks social skills and etiquette. Has a difficult time connecting any emotion to the rough situation they are in. Happy to live in a world of his own while contributing nearly nothing to society.

Hazel – 20s – Major supporting character – Snarky. Tattoos, piercings. She loses her family during the event and finds parental comfort from Edgar and Ady.