Inspiring Films is based in Lancaster PA. We’re currently producing the feature BLINDSIDED and plan to produce BRAVE the DARK in September/October/November 2019.

I’m currently doing a preliminary location scout with a local Scout. I’ll be visiting Philadelphia on Thursday 8 August and would like to me you if you would like to be interviewed for one of the Department Head positions.

Brave the Dark is a drama based on a true story that took place in Lancaster County. It is starring Jared Harris (Chernobyl, Mad Men) and Nicolas Hamilton (IT, Captain Fantastic). The director is Damian Harris (Wilde Wedding, Gardens of the Night).

Our film is being produced as a SAG low budget independent feature and so while we’ll be paying fair rates we will not be top of the scale. I’ve produced over 50 film and TV projects and love to give talented people an opportunity to “step up”.

So if you feel you have something to offer our project please submit.

Dale Bradley
Supervising Producer
Inspiring Films – Brave the Dark.