Casting for “When Life Gives You Lemons,” a dark-comedy short film.

SYNOPSIS – Nancy, an elementary school-aged girl who has always wanted a dog is forced to pick up after her evil neighbor’s dog to prove her responsibility. After being pushed to her breaking point, Nancy takes drastic measures and finds a permanent solution for her problems.

COVID-19 GUIDELINES – Safety is our number one priority. All applicants must provide proof of vaccination and booster (if eligible), wear a KN-95 mask (a few extras will be on set, but please arrive with your own), and will need to provide a negative result for a recent COVID test taken up to 48-72 hours prior to arriving on set.

LOCATION – Shot in Horsham, PA.

** Must be local, as we do not have a budget for travel and lodging **

*** There will be a dog on set ***


NANCY MARTIN – 11-year-old girl, has always wanted a dog, smart, sweet, goody-two-shoes who turns sinister. Any ethnicity.

MRS. MARTIN – Nancy’s mom, a middle-aged woman, loves her daughter, caring. Any ethnicity.

MRS. WALLACE – elderly woman in her 60’s-70’s, is secretly a menace, walks her dog at the same time every day, lies about having back problems, sadistic. Any ethnicity.

KENNY – a college-aged man who used to work for Mrs. Wallace, respectful, funny, relates to Nancy over their dislike for Mrs. Wallace.

HOW TO SUBMIT – Please email a headshot, resumé, and actor reel or a 1-2 minute monologue to, with the name of the character you are auditioning for. Experience is not needed but is preferred.