Hello! I am looking for black actors to participate in this short film for my senior project.

A spiritual guru who uses a love spell on an odd-man she’s been fond of finds herself in a
destructive relationship.

The characters I am looking for:
Rae(early 20s, 4’11-5’5): Rae is a young spiritualist who has a career in reading astrological charts and tarot cards. She’s successful in her field, yet she is still learning. She’s a baby when it comes to the spiritual world, and does not know how powerful the universe is. She tends to do the opposite of what her friend Yvette tells her. She is also obsessed with the idea of being with Zyaire and lusts over the intimacy between him and her.

Zyaire(early 20s 5’10-6’0): Zyaire is a nonchalant handsome guy who doesn’t open up much. He has a lot of inner work he needs to work on and tends to distance himself from intimacy. He’s mostly calm, but when he gets angry, it gets scary.

Yvette(early 20s 4’11-5’5): Yvette is a supportive friend who tells it like it is. Sometimes her honesty is uncalled for, but she is only trying to look after people she truly cares about. She’s great under extreme pressure and is very loyal to Rae.

Please send resumes/headshots to caj85@drexel.edu. I hope to do auditions in person, and I will send more details if we’re interested. Looking forward to it!