Short film production in need of actors for the following roles. Production taking place in Greater Philadelphia area in mid January. Serious inquiries only. Please email a video reel and resume/headshot. Lead roles are paid positions. Supporting roles potentially negotiable but ultimately dependent upon producer decision, experience, etc for compensation.


We follow Jonah, a 21-year-old college senior, as he enters a college house party. He meets his friends and little sister, Melanie, inside. Melanie introduces Jonah to the glowing, virginal, 18-year-old Violet. Jonah tries to introduce himself. She disappears. Now, Jonah must find Violet so that he can express his attraction and gauge hers.

Jonah plunges into the party, which grows wilder. Jonah sees Violet’s face in girls who look nothing like her. He finds her a few times, only to be distracted by his sister, or increasingly odd events at the party. His desperation for her grows, until finally, he finds her alone in a bedroom upstairs.


Jonah (21, white, male). Lead. An endearing, smart college senior you’d bring home to your mother. Tonight, at a wild house party, he’s in pursuit of beautiful Violet, the object of his affection.

Violet (18, white, female). Lead. To her pursuer, she’s sweet, shy, and elusive — but under her appearance, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Melanie (18, white, female). Supporting. Jonah’s/the protagonist’s younger freshman sister who loves a good party.

Mom (45-60, white, female). Supportive, “cool” mom. (Phone conversation VO only)

Dave (18, any race/ethnicity, male). A rushing freshman.

Nick (21, white, male). Supporting. Jonah’s best friend.

Billy (21, any race/ethnicity, male). Supporting. One of Jonah’s best friends, who is interested in his little sister.

Mike (21, white, male). A young JFK type. One of Jonah’s friends.

Aidan (21, white, male). An aspiring jock. One of Jonah’s friends.