I’m and SJU student in desperate need of two actors for a final scene project for my directing in film class. This is a scene From the Stephen King book Pet Semetary and It involves two characters and one of which is an undead ghost that appears to the other character. The ghost character is named Victor Pascow and the actor playing him will be required to wear undead like makeup (but just simple Face paint make-up) and will need to spit fake blood from there mouths. The actor playing The other character named Louis Creed will just simply need to act scared because he is being haunted by the ghost. I already have a script and traveling planned out I just simply need the actors. I was thinking about having two males for these parts but since I am a little desperate right now I’ll gladly take any female performers as well. If you are willing to provide your services this is also a paying job that will offer $100 each. The shooting should only take one day and no more than 4 hours. If you would be willing to help me, I would really be grateful.