We’re doing a short film around Pottstown. It’s about a young man who falls for a woman recently engaged to a soldier. We watch this affair unfold and the inevitable crash that is to come. In this story though, Jodi is the good guy.

We need a lead actress and a lead actor who have great chemistry on screen, are professional, and can be flexible. We also need two actresses to play the woman’s friends, and two actors to play the guys friends. As well as a few others. We would like more submissions for Steven especially(hence the job title). The cast breakdown is as follows:

Steven Roberts, 23, went to college for marketing, recently started doing it for a living. Has supportive parents but did poorly in school. He’s always had an inkling to be a painter, but he lives that out in his marketing. He’s down on his luck in the beginning, but when he meets Lisa that all changes.

Lisa Marshall Zimmer, 28, went to school as a liberal arts major, did well at it even though she didn’t know what she wanted to do. When she met Travis White, she expected a month long fling that would end when he left for deployment, but instead he got on one knee and proposed. Under pressure, and not knowing what to do, she accepted and now she’s looking for a way out.

Travis White, 35, Navy Chief. A controlling romantic type. Previously divorced.

Whitney Dunn, 27, went to school with Lisa, she’s the looser of the two friends, thinks Steven is cute.

Randy Park, 26, even though she met Lisa at a party in college she’s the more prudent of the two friends.

Wes Gunn, 24, descended of many generations of military, but isn’t in the military himself. So he sympathizes with Travis White when he finds out Steven’s been sleeping with her. He’s a friend of Stevens from college. They met in their Principles of Marketing class.

David Fogwell, 23, was Steven’s Roommate in college. He always pushed Steven outside his comfort zone when it came to parties, drinking, and girls. Most of the time he’s known him he has been a bad influence, but maybe now that is about to change. Or not.

We’re planning March Shoot, most likely 6 days of shooting, and rehearsals before that. Please provide updated headshot and resume to nonproffittfilms@gmail.com
And note that this is a non pay film.