Casting “Grandma,” a short film. Synopsis: Last night, Grandma Mabel celebrated her retirement. The following day, her grandkids worry that she may not be ok, so they decide to do a “welfare check” and go over to Grandma’s house and discover something unexpected about their grandma.
Director states: “Must be open-minded to LGBTQ themes and mature humor.”

Casting will be in Philadelphia, PA, on March 2nd 12 pm – 4:45 pm you will be emailed sides and venue location …

After talents are chosen…

Rehearsals will start March 6th 7 pm and continue every Wed & Thurs 7 pm until March 21st. Blocking and dress rehearsal will be on Sat March 23 and then filming will be on Sunday, March 24th from 11am-7pm.

Character Breakdowns:

Grandma Mabel: Must be able to play An older BBW woman with a Mom’s Mabley appearance and demeanor.

The Grand Kids:
Carlos: 20’s his demeanor is more of a take-charge type.
Karima: 20’s serious yet, curious
Lacy: 20’s similar characteristics as Karima, but a little more cautious
Jason: ’20s easy going, seems a bit cocky.

Supporting Roles:
Ms. Hazel: an older fly looking woman, with an appearance and demeanor like Angela Bassett.
The Young Jawn. – 30’s – to late ’30s Very attractive, built is very curvaceous.

All actors who are auditioning for the roles of Carlos, Lacy, Karima and Jason will be required to do a brief funny monologue about your grandma.

Pick one of the following questions to build your monologue on.
1-What is the funniest thing you have heard your grandma say to you or someone else and how did you react?
2-What are some of your crazy/hilarious “Grandma” stories?
3-Have you ever caught your grandma in any compromising position?
Also, the Actor will be auditioning with other actors to do the actual scene from the sides. We want to see the chemistry between everyone.

All Actors who are auditioning for the role of Grandma will be required to do a funny monologue or story about being a grandmother.

All Actors who are auditioning for the role of Ms Hazel will be required to show the diva within.

All Actors who will be auditioning the part of The Young Jawn will be required to show express how much they prefer someone older to date.

If interested please email us: your headshot and a brief bio.

If you do not receive an email confirmation, you will not be allowed to audition. You will be emailed sides and the venue location. Submit a current headshot and brief resume along with your schedule.