The film is about a man who hates his boss, and the two mysterious strangers who come between them. Tension builds as the man and his boss become targets of the strangers, whose motive remains unknown.

The man is prone to outburts. He is argumentative, complains often, and never seems satisfied. He also lacks bravery, as is shown in a pivotal scene.

The boss is an angry person too, but also seems vulnerable and worried about something. He is more rational than the other man.

Of the two strangers, only one is ever seen – a woman whose job it is to spy on the men on behalf of the unseen stranger, who she only communicates with by phone. She has a very direct way of speaking, and is just as prone to drama as the other man.

For all 3 of these roles, the actor must be comfortable with arguing, as there are multiple scenes where the characters raise their voices at each other and really go at it. While these interactions will be intense, the actor should also be able to convey the non-spoken, inner-turmoil of these characters as the story progresses. Also needed – the ability to memorize dialogue exchanges that run 2-3 pages.

Please send headshots. I might not have much time for an extensive audition process, so videos of your past work will be highly appreciated – please include those if you have them!


This will mostly be filmed in Bryn Mawr, but there might be a scene filmed in Center City as well.

I can compensate with daily meals and gas fare!

The film itself should be around 10 minutes long. While it does depend on how people’s schedules work out, I don’t anticipate there being any more than 3 days of total filming.

I will be entering the film into festivals locally and around the country, and will tour it around at open screens in Philly and New York.

Much thanks for your interest!