Casting for two speaking roles
– Peter Reed: Older white male (40s-50s), facial hair, graying, 5’9-6 feet, gravely voice
– James McBride: Young white male (early 20s), clean cut, skinny/lanky, 5’9-6 feet

Wrong Guy is a quick short that follows the hilarious yet poignant interaction between Peter Reed and James McBride. Both of whom are lost characters and place the blame on each other for their respective suffering. This is a dialogue heavy story so dramatic actors are needed to carry the performance.

Those who audition for “Peter Reed” must be comfortable with smoking cigarettes

Email head shots, reel, representation (If none, say “nonunion”), and slate (unlisted YouTube video titled with Name, Height, and Character)

Email to and subject the following: Character-Actor-Wrong Guy


Peter Reed Lines
“Dammit Steve..I told you I’d pay at the end of the month!”
“I think about that night everyday”
“You here to hurt me?”
“Well there really ain’t that much to see”

James McBride Lines
“How do you think? I was there…when you hit us”
“No…To see what you’ve become”
“Tell me Peter, which state did this car accident of yours take place?”
“April 4th, 2004!”