Main actor needed for upcoming feature film Sagacity.

Sagacity is about A young man’s vandalism leading him to the unlikely person that can save him by forging a true friendship that will last a lifetime.

The main characters name is Ben. He is written as a 17 year old hothead.

One of our main ators unexpectedly dropped out of production, And the search continues for a new male lead.

We are looking for an actor in the 18-20 year old range. This is a non union project that will be filmed in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Filming dates are stil being discussed, but if we can find a suitable actor in time, we will aim for the end of the month/early next month.

If interested, please contact me at

Food and housing will be provided.

The ball is rolling pretty fast on this project, so we are keeping our fingers crossed we can find soemone soon!