A novelist and screenwriter for 16 years, a producer for 12 years, Yani Payne is developing the feature film, An Accidental Fire, based on the Novel Series In the Shadow of a King, and targeting production for November.

Set in Philadelphia, An Accidental Fire is a diversity driven, racially charged thriller. It tells the story of a hopeful young black man who is arrested while leading a Black Lives Matter protest and taken to a recommissioned prison facility when Martial Law is enacted, leaving just 3 days to escape before he and the other detainees are disappeared forever.
This will be Yani’s directorial debut with Dante Yore to capturing the intensity and drama as Director of Photography (D-Day: The Battle of Omaha Beach – 62+ films and TV shows – 7xAward winner, 8 nominations). Yani has also partnered with composer Dana Solomon to score the film, Joanne Butcher as the consulting producer and attached up-and-coming award winning actors, Damion Rochester(Tastes Like Medicine, The Dark Strums, John Wick: Chapter 2, Sully) and Aimee Stolte(Fear Pharm, Girl, Through the Night, Megalodon) in the leading roles.
An Accidental Fire is set inside one of Philadelphia’s recently closed wagon-wheel style prisons, which was, in fact, recommissioned on July 1, 2020 to hold protest detainees. “The backdrop for the film would really allow for some amazing visuals and with some creative chiaroscuro lighting choices and dynamic camera movement I feel we could make it something visually stunning.” – Dante Yore, Director of Photography.
Blending a documentary and real-life newsreel and viral video footage from recent events in the opening sequence with the events of the narrative, An Accidental Fire creates a juxtaposition that will ground the audience in the stark world of the film. It paints a narrative picture of our country’s, and many others’, current situations, and also extends into what could be a grim reality if things do not change. It is a cautionary tale and one that Yani and his team are handling with great care and respect.
An Accidental Fire is currently in financing stage.
Yani invites you to contact him via email at yanimpayne@gmail.com