REVELATION BLUE sets the tone for Christian crime dramas!
Tony Lankford Director/Executive Producer & Nanette Lankford Executive Producer

Police TV shows and movies have come and gone over many years now, But there hasn’t been one quite like the one I developed called REVELATION BLUE.

One day I was sitting in front of my computer thinking about my next film project after completing a previous project called ONYX, which was the story of a rogue police detective searching for his soul salvation. I wanted to bring more to the forefront the Word of God and present a stronger spiritual presence to my next film. Being that Revelation is my favorite scripture in the Holy Bible, and obviously being a fan of TV police and detective shows, thus was born REVELATION BLUE, the journey of ex-pastor Detective Devon Blue who struggles with the choice of living by man’s laws or living by God’s law.

Drawing from many scriptures in the Holy Bible, REVELATION BLUE reflects the Word of God and the spiritual inspiration it provides for us and the struggles many of us have accepting and understanding it. Having also affection for police crime dramas on TV and in the movies, I thought what better way to present the Word of God in the exciting genre such as a police detective TV show/films. So at that point, I called my wife Nanette at her office and told her that I came up with a concept called REVELATION BLUE and she totally ‘got it’ and she became my executive producer launching our husband/wife team.

My wife and I worked together to develop the details, plotlines, stories, scripts and characters that received accolades nationally and internationally (as mentioned before) and an extraordinary concept that represents God in a positive way.

Many, many times in our production was blessed with beautiful weather that allowed us to shoot exterior scenes that otherwise in inclement weather would have caused us to shut down and upset our shooting schedule.

The budget rounded out to a mere $5,000.00 for props, craft services on shoots, transportation costs, stock music cameraman fee, some set rentals and etc.

After completing the pilot, we were very well received in many film festivals both nationally and internationally.

Then It was time to take a rest…because it is a toll to make an independent film/TV show with your own pocket money…getting up 6am on a Saturday morning to go to the set, work with strangers, buy the doughnuts, type the scripts, be the boss, be the grip, and all the other hats you have to wear…

Our production ran so smoothly with cast and crew that it was only God’s favor that allowed it to be. God’s grace allowed us to find sets to shoot on for no charge, kindhearted people that allowed us to enter their establishments to shoot at no charge and no time limit,free parking facilitated by The Philadelphia Police Department and The Greater Philadelphia Film Office, finding actors that believed in REVELATION BLUE and God’s Word and were truly talented AND dedicated, the ability to adjust and adapt to the shooting environment on set without seeing the set prior to shooting! God gave us this talent and ability to do this! God has given us favor to work together in harmony and enjoyment using creativity and experience to keep the workflow flowing! It was a fun project to work on!