Sayyed Muhammad and rap artist Gran Centinial being interviewed at Temple University Radio Station in 2010.

Jami Marl Films was formed in 2007 by Sayyed Muhammad in New York City. Sayyed began taking on Video production accounts in Philadelphia, late 2008 and made Philadelphia the permanent residence of the company soon after. Jami Marl Films has been operating a Video Production & Editing Internship for film graduates in both Orland, PA (From Forge Recording Studios) and North Philadelphia on Temple University Campus for the last 6 years of which several amazing filmmakers have come out of. In the JMF program, interns learn how to management, marketing, promotion and acquiring clients, as well as brand building. Jami Marl Films produced an International TV Hip-Hop TV show titled “IN THE ZONE” that became a hit overseas and aired from 2008-11 when JMF decided not to continue the show but to focus on Network TV in the United States. Locally, Sayyed has created several logos, motion graphics for businesses in the Delaware Valley and is regularly hired to create beginning intros for films of Independent Filmmakers. Sayyed Muhammad, a writer, and filmmaker, has produced products for BET, MTV and sound projects for HBO, as well as written for Warner Brothers Studios and is now in Pre-production for a Warner Brothers Distributed film “Marshall Square” that will be in theaters in the summer of 2013. Jami Marl Films recently completed two films for the Black Film Festival in Miami Beach this Summer, “Still” Starring Alaina Nelson and “Long Way from Cuba” starring from State Property Omillio Sparks.

Alaina Nelson starring in “Still

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