In 2012, we featured on our Filmmaker’s Spotlight local filmmakers Graham Nolte & Tommy Stackhouse and their G-ram Films.  At that time, they were still in the fundraising phase of producing their feature film, Parallax.  Now they are screening it all over the country (with a recap of their Philly premiere here) and are set for a DVD release next month!  Our throwback post below:

Founded under the creative vision of Graham Nolte in 2007, G-ram Films is a West Chester-based film production company headed by the leadership of writer/director Graham Nolte and producer Tommy Stackhouse. From the company’s early days of “Jackass” type stunts to more modern indulgence of both situational and satirical comedy, G-ram Films has been actively creating a cult fan base since its inception at the West Chester Henderson High School video production department.

Parallax is a feature length film set to take place in the year 1987, highlighting the inception of the internet to the general public. Abbot Allen, a former Princeton professor, has a dream invention that he wishes to unleash to the world. As Abbot pushes himself to make his dream a reality, we begin to see that his sheltered life from those around him causes many setbacks in his rise to the top. With time and money running down, and a grant from the National Science Foundation on the line, will Abbot step up and make his dream a reality? Or will his inability to communicate with his team lead to his ultimate downfall?

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