A South Side of Chicago native, Nunera Amun is a visual storyteller and writer, who
uses her platform for activism and social change. A journalism graduate of
Bethune-Cookman University, she is currently the Director and Producer of “What is a
Black Man?” a feature length documentary in production. The film chronicles the journey
of four African-American teenagers from Philadelphia, working to become mainstream
conscious hip-hop artists to uplift black communities and break free from stereotypes.

She began telling the stories of those who have been marginalized during her senior
year of high school, when her article on the disparity of ACT scores in Chicago’s Public
Schools was released in Columbia Links, a news literacy magazine based in Chicago.
She went on to tell stories visually as a news reporter for WEIU, a PBS affiliate in
Charleston, IL.

Transferring her skills to radio in 2011, Nunera became an intern for NPR’s Talk of the
Nation. While there, she advocated for a segment on the death of Robert Champion, a
Florida A&M University band member, who was killed during a hazing incident. Her
story on Champion, which also highlighted the culture of HBCU Band Hazing, garnered
national attention.

In October 2017, Nunera released a short film that showcased the story of an
African-American Mental Wellness Advocate, diagnosed with Major Depressive

Nunera is determined to explore and showcase the stories of black people from an
array of backgrounds. She is the Founder of Inira (In-knee-rah – Ancient Egyptian for “to
bring to light”) Films, a documentary film production company she developed to produce
racially and socially conscious documentaries. Her short version of What is a Black
Man? will screen at five selected Philadelphia public schools this spring.