The Old Sport, Rosalie Kicks is a filmmaker, movie critic, and dabbler living in Philadelphia. When she isn’t  making or watching movies, she can be found toiling away in her lab working on the next issue of the subscription based movie zine and review website she runs she co-runs,

This month, Rosalie is preparing to shoot her second narrative based short slasher film, Pizzaman. Rosalie co-wrote the script with her Temple alum film pal, Katie McBrown and the movie will be shot in Philadelphia. Pizzaman, tells the story of an eccentric elderly couple, Helen and Teddy. After their young son was run down by a pizza delivery driver, they have become grief stricken and never eat pizza again. They’ve dedicated their lives to running all pizza establishments out of town and when a new shop, Pizza Heaven opens, they take revenge! Katie and Rosalie will be directing the movie and have successfully crowdfunded $5000 for the production. Follow or Rosalie’s podcast, Cinematic Crypt for more information on the project.
In addition to her filmmaking work and writings at Moviejawn, Rosalie assists Film Reporter and TCM Host Alicia Malone by designing her bi-monthly e-newsletter, Malone Mail. 2019 marked Rosalie’s first time attending and covering the Sundance Film Festival and her third time covering the Toronto Film Festival. She hopes more film festivals are in her future to hopefully show her film! Presently she is working on a feature screenplay.