October 2020 saw the release of award-winning actor/filmmaker/creative Robert X. Golphin’s feature length directorial debut, Freshman Friday, on Amazon Prime Video. He also garnered a Best Actor win and nomination at film festivals, for his role in this summer’s pandemic and social unrest themed Essential. The short drama, which he also wrote and directed, has garnered 20 national and international selections and 12 awards/nominations.

Robert is perhaps best known for his role as Dunbar Reed in the Golden Globe nominated film The Great Debaters, produced by Oprah Winfrey and directed by Denzel Washington. Other acting highlights include an episode of HBO’s The Wire and the feature The Underground Kings. He is also the eponymous host of RXG: Exclusives, an internet talk show that probes what’s trending in culture, civil rights, arts and entertainment and more.

Robert mentors aspiring and rising artists. His teaching credits include acting and filmmaking camps helmed by Kathy Wickline and Rehoboth Summer Children’s Theatre. He holds an MFA in Screenwriting, B.A. in Theatre & Film, and Diploma in Creative Writing from the Philadelphia H.S. for Creative & Performing Arts.

Artist’s Note:
My mother has always had this thing she calls the Jackpot Theory. Since I was young, especially when I was curious about something, her theory would explain it.  That’s what I feel about having been born and raised in Philadelphia. To live in the region and particularly in the city proper, is kind of an unfair advantage over other filmmakers and creatives. Even beyond the wealth of diversity and cultural variety, the fact that you have your pick of some of the most important historical real estate on the planet is nothing short of hitting the filmmaker’s jackpot! 
     I’m in awe of my own good fortune! 
     Oh, and, even the climate patterns here bow to the arts. Our region is blessed with four seasons. While that’s not news or perhaps not much of a big deal to some, for industry budgets large and small, real snow, actual falling leaves blanketing tree lined neighborhood streets, frolicking in city water fountains and competing in or watching regattas, what Philadelphia has at it’s beck and call, no matter the time of year, is indeed a movie production jackpot! The whole region is crazy-ripe for film production! Need a small mountain, a brick or a creek, head up to Chestnut Hill at Valley Green. Philly is quite perfect!