It has come to our attention that there is a identity phishing scam going around targeting Philadelphia area film crew and film crew of other states and regions, as well.  A few of our local crew members was contacted by an “Attic Films”, or “Attic Films Productions”, saying they are putting together a crew for a short-film project in April (in some other emails they said they were doing a series).  DO NOT REPLY TO THE EMAIL(S).

The contact names vary on the emails from Carlos Mendoza to Donald Chan, but the email address this scam is coming from is  Once contacted they are claiming to be coming to the Philadelphia area from a foreign country and offering to send checks (which prove to be fraudulent) to phish and scam your information.

Any email from a supposed production company or filmmaker where the person says:

  • they will send you a check or deposit
  • they are offering abnormally high rates
  • the email is written with poor grammar/spelling mistakes

are most likely scams, and should be ignored.