On November 18th, Scribe Video Center showcased a special screening that spotlighted independent filmmakers who participated in the 14-Week Workshop. The 14-Week Workshop covers all aspects of film and video production and supports participants in the completion of short projects. Many of this year’s participants are also members of Scribe’s Film Scholars. The program consists of a series of short-form documentary videomaking training courses designed to support emerging filmmakers in completing new work. This years’ cohort led by M. Asli Dukan (filmmaker, visual artist, and curriculum manager at Scribe) produced several films with ranging topics from the impact of racial trauma on children, a woman’s quest to bring justice and peace to her family, explorations of the Afro-Caribbean American experience, and much, much more.

Please join us in celebrating emerging filmmakers by watching a replay of the screening-the link is listed here- https://www.crowdcast.io/e/new-works-produced/register

Check out the new films, Destinies by Aaron Victor Vaughn, Land Where I Rize by Da Saint, Things We Gathered from the Fire by Erica Hawkins, Practice by Adrienne Dolberry, The Accomplices by Christina Blackburn, Justice for Matt by Lois Moses, Adversity vs Versatility: Such As Life, The Making of EweNique’s Stories by Wanda Davis, and Humble Bowls Mexico by Mink Lin.