LAYERED: 3Queen Productions is a film collaborative dedicated to producing relatable, inspirational
content for, by, and about women around the world. Started by Philadelphia-based filmmakers
Aiko Brown, Zareefa Abdul-Adl, and Arraiyan DuBose, 3Queen strives to highlight stories that
are often neglected in mainstream media. The trio of filmmakers first worked together on the
short film, The After Math, directed by Zareefa. From here sprang the idea of a comedy drama
series about women like themselves, who despite sexism and racism are determined to pursue
their dreams while staying true to themselves. Thus Layered was born.
Layered is a multi-episode comedy drama series focused on three African American
women breaking into the entertainment industry. It follows the three main characters as they
encounter various work-related challenges in the form of frustrating higher-ups and culturally
insensitive coworkers. Suhaila is a divorced mother of two and an aspiring screenwriter. Lianna
is a Production assistant on the lowest rung of the film totem pole who dreams of becoming a
Producer and Morowa is a bored office worker with plans to break into radio broadcasting but
struggles to find her voice. As the three rally together to fulfill their professional goals, they’re
met with hilarious challenges along the way. The release of the pilot episode is scheduled for late
Summer 2018. Watch the trailer here.