Do you love comic books and graphic novels? Have you watched most films in the MCU and DCEU (possibly even Sony and Valiant’s Bloodshot movie)? Do you have ambitions on creating your own cinematic universe?

Well we’re are launching a new entertainment media company, birthed from retro toy and gaming company from the 80s, that will focus on publishing comic books and graphic novels as well as producing podcasts and film/tv projects.

We are looking for writers, editors, and development executives to assistant in creating and developing both existing and new IPs. Individuals that are dedicated and have a passion for all things sci-fi to supernatural and everything in between. We are building from the ground up, and while we don’t have the desire budget to pay you for your time and talent, you will receive equity in the company or the project, as well as the promotion and notoriety that will accompany such.

Our first project will begin at the top of the new year 2021.

Please send us an email detailing your interest and experience.

We look forward to hearing from you.