I would like to be as straight-forward as possible, that way I won’t waste any of your time. Serious Inquires only please.
I am currently looking for at least 3-5 Writers to help me bring my ideas into production.
I am writing shorts, skits and possibly feature length projects. All types of Genre’s.
Just looking for people with open minds and creative thinking. I want you to express yourself freely.

As far a DP’s. I am looking for 1-2 who can assist with these types of projects.
My company is an independent film company so I am relatively small. There’s just me at the moment.

I do have a collaborative agreement that you’d need to sign before I share any of my film titles and ideas with you. And for DP’s, I have one for you as well. This would be to cover any basis for each of us.

I know this posting is Volunteer but I am willing to assist with some of your personal projects as well in return for helping me. Whether it’s joining you on a set or assistance with filming, we can work something out.

Please feel free to contact me if interested and ready to work! 🙂