WOKE is a satirical short film that features the innovation of a little white pill that solves some of the America’s biggest problems.

It’ll be a one day shoot on November 9th or 10th.


Derek – Male, 23-35. White / European Descent.

Michelle – Female, 20-30. White / European Descent.

Boss – Female, late 30’s – 40’s. African American.

Employees (2) and Doctors (3) – Male or Female, 21-65. African American. These are speaking/paid roles.

Instagram Montage Actors – Male or Female, 18-50. White / European Descent. These are volunteer/non-paid. This a cool way to be a part of our film! Take a quick selfie or a record a 5 second video from the comfort of your home or on the go!

Send Headshot and Resume to info@pagepeterwilson.com and include the role/roles that you’re submitting for in the subject line. We’ll be following up with sides and instructions to submit a self tape audition. Thanks!