A mission to monetize Team Squid Ink’s account on Twitch sends 4 aspiring gamers to PexQuest, a local 4v4 Overwatch tournament notorious for its low level of competition, dedicated fan base and its odd ability to propel careers the next level. Team Squid Ink’s campaign quickly complicates when Shifter becomes homeless, Dylan discovers a troll, Ellie’s remains stuck in a toxic relationship and Eric, a 12 year old boy from Korea who is all alone in a country he doesn’t understand.

All ethnicities encouraged to audition!
If selected you will be required to submit a video, or audition in person on a selected date.

Lead Roles:

Ezekiel Shifter Age 21, – aka Shifter21 aka the captain and hero of the squad. He is the most level headed and freshly out of college. At 22 years old, he has no job and is living at home with very religious mother. He is a smart and a tactical gamer with strategies to get out of any situation. When Shifter’s mom kicks him out of her house for accidentally killing the family priest, Shifter becomes homeless and starts to smell worse and worse as the series continues.

Dylan, age 21 – Dylan aka RougeBlunt_007 aka the DVA and asshole of the squad. Although he is skilled, he is overly confident and thinks he is better than everyone, but in reality isn’t. Outside of becoming a paid twitch streamer, he wants to be instagram influencer, except nobody takes him seriously. Dylan still lives at home with his parents and works as a pizza delivery boy during the day. He also has an older brother and troll who tend to bully him and ruin his day. He also has a virtual love connection with his favorite OverWatch character.

Ellie, age 21 – Ellie aka LooksToKill_03 aka the squad’s Healer. She is attractive, dope at gaming and has 1k followers on Instagram, but lacks the gaming content to draw followers on twitch. She is currently taking classes and working at a local community college where she met her dimwitted boyfriend, Zac. When Zac announces he won’t be attending her gaming tournament, Ellie sees it as a chance to explore new opportunities.

Eric, age 12 – Eric aka WildGunMan aka the squad’s Tank. He is a sophisticated 12 year old boy from Korea with an online persona of a 27 year old black man. The entire team has no idea he is just kid until they see him 2 days before the tournament. Eric must travel from Korea to America on his own if he wants to compete. Like many young gamers, he is addicted to sugary and caffeinated drinks.

Supporting Roles:

Aahna, Age 25 – Aahna is a young and eager journalist who works for the local newspaper. When she originally gets assigned to cover the Pexquest story, she has no interest in gaming and would rather be covering a crime story like her idol, Sarah Koenig. However, when she discovers a wild group of under achievers, she follows her journalistic instincts and writes the story that kick starts her career. Along the way, she also develops feelings for Team Squid Ink’s captain, Shifter.

CARTER, Age 30 – Carter is Dylan’s intolerable older brother who works in construction. After one of Carter’s coworkers slip and falls into a cement mixer, the entire crew is given the week off to mourn. This gives Carter more time to ruin Dylan’s life and focus on running an illegal gambling ring at PexQuest. Along the way, Carter learns to appreciate his brothers talents and their ability to make him even more money.

ZAC, age 21 – Zac is Ellie’s boyfriend. He is a bit of a airhead jock who loves to hang with his bro’s. He doesn’t think gaming is as cool real sports but when his relationship is on the line a last ditch romantic effort falls short and leaves him to re-evaluate his life.

Shifter’s Mom, age 60- Shifters evangelical mom is both overly Catholic and sensitive. When she overhears Shifter describe his tea bagging experience with his friends, she thinks her son might be gay and that video games are the cause. Then when Shifter accidentally kills her church’s priest, Shifter’s Mom has to decide between her faith and her son. Ultimately she chooses faith and devotes herself to put an end to violent gaming.

FATHER O’HARA , age 80 – The very old and feeble priest for Shifter’s Mom’s church. He is out of touch with the modern world and is sensitive to stories that involve sins.