WATCH is a twisted Adam and Eve love story that hinges on the performance and physicality of the actors. The film contains long stretches without dialogue, and the characters convey their interiority through their movement and silence rather than their words. The below roles are currently casting:

MAN [Lead, Male, Late 20’s]: Man is a voyeuristic loner who takes photos of unsuspecting people to fill his days. He enjoys peeping into their lives, and it is the closest he can get to companionship. He has never had a friend much less a girlfriend. When Woman breaks into his home and steals his watch, Man’s alienation warps into an obsession as he attempts to court her.

PAWNBROKER [Supporting, Male, 40’s/50’s]: Pawnbroker is the crux between Man and Woman, especially as much of the dialogue in WATCH takes place in his shop. He expertly disarms them with his humor and gleefully takes advantage of them at every turn, which eventually has its consequences for everyone.

Principal photography is slated for January 4th – January 15th in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area. Exact dates will be finalized based on cast availability.

If interested, please submit headshots/reel and resume.