Genre: Comedy Digital Short

Synopsis: “The Totally Real and 100 Percent True Stories Series Presents: The History of Basketball” a satirical and fictional animated documentary about James Naismith and his rise to fame as he built the first basketball game.

We are looking for a Male Voice Over Artist who can play an older character to narrate the experimental digital short. Think Bob Costas meets Mean Girls. We are looking for someone who can be a blend of a news reporter as well as a historic storyteller.

The job would entail you to work from your own studio or recording space while we provide direction and feedback virtually.

How to Submit:

If you are interested, please email with HISTORY OF BASKETBALL in the subject line. Include a WAV or MP3 File recording the script sides attached. Please notify us if you have the ability to record yourself with your own equipment. You may also include any relevant material such as reel, resume, or previous work.

Attached Sides: Click Here